Keyword Research & LSI

There is little point undertaking an SEO campaign unless you are 100% sure that you are targeting the correct keywords. What makes a keyword correct? One that has good search volume and is likely to convert into sales. Investment in SEO and link building can be totally wasted if you are trying to get your site to rank for terms that don’t attract the type of visitors you are looking for.

Furthermore, many SEO agencies who ‘guarantee first page rankings’ are simply targeting low value keywords with little competition that are easy to rank for. If you considering buying an SEO service or hiring an SEO company, be sure that you are going after the best keywords with our keyword research service.

We have 7 years experience in using top end keyword tools and know the best methods to use. We ensure that your keyword suggestions are both targeted and likely to convert – matching your business profile with the keywords you want to optimise for.

Not only do we report back to you on search volume for each keyword, but we also dig deeper than most agencies. We investigate more advanced metrics such as Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). This ensures that the keywords you pick can be backed up by secondary keywords that are known to be relevant to your primary ones. By employing these techniques, InterSites can deliver laser targeted keywords that you will be able to implement AND know how to rank for.

Attempting to perform keyword research yourself can be a false economy. Understanding how to use research tools effectively, identifying competitor keywords and thinking of useful synonyms requires experience. Save yourself the hassle and wasted effort by having a professional SEO agency do the work for you.

Our keyword research service takes us a full 7 days to complete to generate a list of top quality keywords for you to include in your SEO campaign. We charge just £1199+vat for this service, probably a lot less than the cost of picking the wrong key phrases for your campaign!

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